Innovative Lubricants

We are authorized distributor of advanced lubrication products manufactured in U.S.A by Certified Laboratories.
Certified Laborataries has been supplying cutting edge lubrication to mainly North American industry since 1948.

Our Philosophy
We believe that the world has two fundamental assets: human intelligence and natural resources, 
and that optimal usage of both produces sustainable value.

Facts and Myths of lubrication
  1. Most machinery has rolling or sliding parts.
  2. The friction causes loss of energy and the heat causes breakdowns. Up-to 60% of break downs in equipment are caused due to lack of proper lubrication.
  3. Most companies tend to think that any lubrication is fine as long as it is done at the specified intervals.
  4. Most companies also think that OEMs specify 'brands' of Lubricants. Which is not true. 
  5. OEM warranties require specifications equivalent or more than that of certain popular brands.
  6. Most companies think that lubrication is only for heavy equipment and not for other smaller equipment installed in kitchens, work places, etc.
  7. Heat, dust, water and other contamination severely reduces effectiveness of lubrication.
  8. Most companies are not aware of lubrication and fuel improvement programs.

Track Record
  1. Certified Labs, our lubrication supplier, convincingly demonstrated that their lubrication products add significant value over other general competing products in the market.
  2. Many industry majors in US have been using Certified products for many years and also have vouched for the efficacy of Certified products.
  3. Certified Labs products are formulated in close coordination with OEMs and often exceed regulatory and ISO 9001 standards.

We believe that bringing such advanced lubrication to the rapidly growing Middle East economies will create sustainable value to our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders and our team.

Our Vision: Best lubrication partner in the Middle East.
Our Mission: Maximize value with optimal lubrication and reliable partnership.

Our US and Middle East teams will be happy to schedule meetings to start our 'reliability' partnership.

Our Team